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Adriane Galisteu lied about the destiny of the money she got paid for the photos in Playboy Brazil 1995

Adriane Galisteu, the woman who got famous after Ayrton Senna's death, selling his private life to the press in no less than 60 press interviews and a book, edited with the same editorial house as the "Caras" gossip magazine, started to lye a few years later, about the destiny of the money she got paid in exchange for those pictures. In one of them she appears half naked and open legs, shaving her vagina, an image which created a lot of controversy in Brazil in those days.

Adriane Galisteu posed naked for Playboy Brazil in 1995, shaving her vagina, using the name of Senna to get the deal

Unlike the new version she got used to tell after the year 2000, she didn't use the money obtained with her photoshoot for Playboy Brazil in 1995, to help her brother, sick with AIDS, but she admits in an interview in 1995 (a year before her brother's death), for Caras, that she wanted the money to buy herself an appartment and a car (she bought herself a 300 square metres appartment in the most luxurious part of Sao Paulo named Jardims, and a BMW car).

Adriane Galisteu admitting in 1995 that she wanted the money of the Playboy reportage for an appartment and a car

In an interview for the magazine TRIP (Revista Trip, #66, Ano 12, 1998) two years after her brother had died, she admits also that she knew that her brother had AIDS since 1994, on the 10th of May, and that he died 2 years later, in 1996. Nevertheless, in the interview for Caras where she talks about the money's destiny i 1995, she doesn't mention a single time her brother, as she started to do years later. Had she wanted to help her brother, she would've said it in the press in 1995, since her brother had still a year to live.

Adriane Galisteu uses his brother's disease, AIDS, to justify that she posed for Playboy in 1995 using the name of Ayrton Senna

Headline on the cover of the gossip magazine: "Adriane Galisteu: accomplished in her new 310 square metres appartment"

The editor of the magazine Playboy Brazil, says that she did a lot pf pressure and almost auctioned Senna's death to obtain the best monetary deal possible, being that she finally got paid 100,000 $US.


  1. A very good article from Sunday Telegraph March 19th, 1995!topic/

  2. An extract from the article above;

    "There will be a sequence of events in very good taste, different to
    what was done last year at other grands prix where some hangers-on
    devised so-called tributes to promote certain commercial interests."

    This appears to be a blatant reference to Adriane Galisteu, who chose
    last November's Grand Prix in Adelaide to launch Adriane: My Life With
    Ayrton, a book recounting her two years as Senna's girlfriend. The
    memoirs were met with some distaste on the Formula One circuit. It was
    said that Australia was the only country with any publisher who would
    touch the project, and that the book was Galisteu's revenge on Senna's
    family for their conspicuous coldness to her.

    Asked if he is referring to Senna's girlfriend, Rohonyi comes up with
    the most crushing reply. "Which one?" he says. "I wouldn't wish to
    imply that one or two or three of his girlfriends behaved in an
    improper manner." He continues matter-of-factly: "So we will have a
    tribute, although it is difficult because of course there will be
    grands prix here for years to come and we cannot keep having tributes
    year after year."


    According to this Adriane even had a service number, where people could call and she would tell Ayrton's secrets.

    Has anyone heard what kind of stuff she told?


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