Sunday, December 1, 2013

Linda Dalton, fan, says that Ayrton Senna's big love was Xuxa

Linda Dalton, a fan, here with Ayrton Senna in 1992

I knew Ayrton in a small way and got to speak to him many times. He was really gorgeous in a sort of imperfect way. He was very humble for someone born so rich and very kind and thoughtful and shy in an endearing way out of the car. He really was bemused at the effect he had on people, especially the one he had on women. He had tremendous sex appeal and charisma. He was so clean too, always smelt like he just stepped out of the shower, shiny clean hair, lovely finger nails, immaculate clothes. He was such a nice, kind, gentle man. He was so genuine to the people he liked and had such a funny naughty side to his character."

When he fell in love with Xuxa he changed. He was happy inside, he was much calm and even more aware of the beauty in the world and finally understood that he was so loved.

Ayrton Senna and Xuxa, the love of his life, according to his best friends
He accepted he was loved and less embarrassed by the adulation he got from the fans and enjoyed it more. When they were together you could see how much they loved each other as together they were complete. As a fan I was so happy for him that he had someone to love and look after him, someone for him to confide in.

Ayrton Senna and his big love, TV presenter Xuxa, in the TV show where they made official their relationship, 1988

He was so incredibly special and had such a big heart. I believe he was put on this earth by God to teach and inspire us.

Ayrton Senna and his girlfriend, Xuxa, at the Monaco Grand Prix 1989. They werre going to get married after he would stop Formula 1

Linda Dalton, Ayrton Senna's fan

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  1. Im a friend of Linda and I will send this link for her. Probably she will process you because you are using her name in a false interview. She never told NOTHING about Xuxa. She told Senna loved Adriane Galisteu. You lied using her name. Its ridiculous. Linda hates Xuxa and knows Adriane Galisteu was the most important women in his life. So, stop to lie. You changed her comments.


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