Friday, November 1, 2013

Ayrton Senna and his girlfriend Cristine Ferraciu at the go-kart circuit in Tatui, Brazil, 1991

Ayrton Senna and his girlfriend, Cristine Ferraciu, at the opening of his go-kart circui in Tatui, Brazil, December 1991

Cristine Ferracciu was just 17 when she met Ayrton Senna for the first time. Typical girl of the young elite of Rio de Janeiro, she was the granddaughter of an Italian family and daughter of Admiral Ferracciu Edson, former military attaché in Brazil.

She remembered that the very same year she met Ayrton in 1985, he warned her:

"- You can get married but one day you'll be mine, no matter if you are married, separated or a widow."

The warning became true when she lived with Ayrton between January 1990 and December 1991. Ayrton confessed to be fascinated by her. He used to say to his friends that he considered himself married to Cristine. He even told that to Xuxa on the phone once when she called him from Brazil.

Cristine ended the relationship in December 1991 because he didn't want her to go back to Brazil to take care of her mother, sick with cancer... Christine didn't like his selfish attitude. Months later, in 1994, when she was already in another relationship, Ayrton asked her to go back with him (he was dating Adriane Galisteu at the time but got disapointed by the attitude of the young model since he realized from her pictures in the brazilian press, that she wanted him for the fame).

Senna said about Cristine Ferraciu in 1994, after he took the decision to break up with Adriane Galistue: "You [Cristine] and A. Yamin have been the only two women worth marrying."

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  4. As far as I know, this article is not fanciful, I read enough about Ayrton Senna, and even his friends said that even though Cristine had broken away after he and he lived with Adriane, he was constantly searching for and contacting Cristine. He also called her before the fatal race in Imola. And there's a video that he personally says Cristine loves and that's his life's love. Or did he lie too?


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