Saturday, November 30, 2013

Xuxa was honest with Ayrton Senna at Christmas 1989

Honesty sometimes can break your heart. Indeed they say that the only ones you're truly in love with, can break your heart... 

At Christmas 1989, he wanted to spend time with Xuxa at her house in New York, and he travelled there... She, appearantly, wanted to be alone instead, as she was feeling too much pressure from Senna, who wanted a more serious relationship with her, he wanted to get married to her. One good thing she did was to be honest with him instead of faking: she didn't want the relationship anymore. Senna went back to Brazil alone, and the relationship officially ended a few months later. At least, the cards were on the table. 

Ayrton Senna and Xuxa arrive together at the Brazilian Grand Prix in 1989, held at the Jacarepagua circuit, in Rio de Janeiro

That's why Senna felt hurt emotionally speaking for the following years: he really was in love with Xuxa, and when someone who you love, rejects you, it always hurts. The last interview given by Senna in 1994, to the Brazilian magazine Caras, reveals indeed how much he missed her and how important she had been for him. Instead of talking of his (still officially) girlfriend, Adriane Galisteu, Senna spent more time talking about Xuxa and how much it still cost him to forget her. 

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