Friday, November 22, 2013

Xuxa regrets not having valued more her relationship with Ayrton Senna

Xuxa recalls dating with Brazilian football star Pele, F1 driver Ayrton Senna and Luciano Szafir : ' I did not give the value that I could '

At age 50 , Xuxa says it was never her head so in place. The presenter is having what she calls "the best time of my life" and does an analysis of her previous relationships . When asked about the mistakes, the blonde showed signs of regret that she wasn't mature enough to deal with some of her old passions.

"I think the relationships I've had, if they happened now, it would be everything different. Maturity makes us realize many things. Today I realize how wrong I was, you think you're doing the best, but after a while you think : 'Wow , I should not have done that' "she declares the Brazilian magazine "Caras". " It is the lack of experience . If I could, I would choose to be again in the body of my 23 years old but with the head of today, I would totally love that. But that's impossible."

Xuxa has dated the soccer star Pele, the Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna and model and actor Luciano Szafir, father of her daughter Sasha, 15.

Senna and the Brazilian TV presenter were going to get married after he would stop his Formula 1 career.


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  1. Olá, essa matéria me lembrar de uma coisa: eu vi no you tube certa vez, um trecho do programa de natal da Xuxa de 2011, nele tinha uma brincadeira com ela, em que alguns amigos dela mandavam um presente e ela tinha de adivinhar de quem era, e um dos amigos que participou foi o Junior, que pelo que eu sei, foi o melhor amigo do Ayrton, tanto que chegou a ser apontado como namorado dele pelo Nelson Piquet, de tão próximos que eles eram, O Junior fez um depoimento lindo pra Xuxa... este é o link do vídeo,


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