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Did Ayrton Senna love Xuxa or Adriane Galisteu?

I see this question many times in the social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr... 

Both are very different women and treated Ayrton very differently. Ayrton felt also different about the two of them. Xuxa had been the big love of his life, a very successful woman in the Brazilian television, and they dated from Christmas 1988 until the Grand Prix of Monaco 1990, when it became clear to both of them that their busy schedules wouldn't allow them to be together. 

Ayrton Senna meeting publicly Xuxa, in her TV show, "O Show da Xuxa", at Christmas 1988

Xuxa said about Ayrton "He needs someone to be with him 24 hours a day, and I need someone to be with me 24 hours a day." Both belived that once had Ayrton retired from Formula 1, they would have more time to spend together, and therefore, a marriage between the two of them was expected. Later in life, after Senna's death, Xuxa has declared many times her regret about not having had more time to enjoy her relationship with Ayrton Senna.

Ayrton Senna and Xuxa, going together to the Grand Prix of Brazil in 1989, at the Jacarepagua circuit, in Rio de Janeiro

At his funeral, Xuxa was seen very affected, next to the Senna family, who liked her not only because of her personality, but also because they thought Xuxa was the only woman Ayrton had ever loved and they respected his feelings. In his last interview for the magazine "Caras" in April 1994, Ayrton spent more time talking about Xuxa and his love for her, than he did about his current girlfriend at the time, Adriane Galisteu. He also said shortly before dying that "sometimes we cannot live our lives next to person we love". Many believe he was referring to Xuxa, although some others believe he was talking about Christine Ferracciu, his ex-girlfriend between the years 1990 and 1991. What is for sure is that he wasn't talking about his current "official" girlfriend, Adriane Galisteu, a Brazilian unsuccessufl model, who he paid to be with him.

Xuxa at Ayrton Senna's funeral, in Sao Paulo, May 5th 1994, surrounded by the Senna family. They were going to get married after he would retire from Formula 1

Adriane Galisteu, a 20 years-old woman from Sao Paulo, on the other hand, had been chosen by one of Ayrton Senna's friends, Braguinha, among all the events models present at the Grand Prix of Brazil in 1993, although Senna had liked another woman. But Braguinha insisted because he considered Adriane Galisteu as more manageable for the purposes he wanted her: have her as a regular companionship to Ayrton Senna. Ayrton had expressed his wish of having a regular companionship for the 1993 season, to help him deal with the difficulties of not being in a competitive car for that season. He wanted somebody who helped him "separate his personal and professional life". Galisteu would be paid on a monthly basis by Ayrton Senna to be with him 24 hours a day

She wasn't in love with Senna (as she admited in 2011 in an interview for the Brazilian television) but when she realised that she didn't have much work on her agenda as a model (which she admits on her book about Senna's life with her, launched in 1994, few months after his death), she accepted the offer that Senna made her: money in exchange for full dedication to him. By the end of his life, Senna had realised that Adriane wanted and expected from him fame and more money, and he was angry at her for posing in some very embarassing pictures in the magazine Caras, in March 1994. 

One of the pictures of Adriane Galisteu published in the Caras magazine, March 1994, that upset a lot Ayrton Senna
Few days later, he had made already his decision to break up with her and to no let her interfere with his public image, and he was intending to break up with her but still offer her  money after the Grand Prix of Imola 1994, where he sadly died, in a terrible accident, caused by the break of his steering wheel.  The Williams team have been condamned in the justice court, particularly Patrick Head, the Chief Engineer, for "omitted control".

Car designer, Adrian Newey, next to Chief Engineer at Williams, Patrick Head, who had been found guilty for omitted control in the second trial held in 2005 for the accident of Ayrton Senna

At the end his life Ayrton Senna gave an interview to the brazilian magazine Caras, where he revealed that Adriane Galisteu wasn't the right woman for him to get married, and talked more about his past relationship with Xuxa, than about his current official relationship to the model Adriane.

Senna didn't leave anything to Adriane Galisteu in his last will, which he updated regularly.

Five months after his death, Adriane Galisteu sold his entire private life to the press in a book called "My life with Ayrton Senna", edited in Brazil by the same company who owned the "Caras" magazine. She had signed a commercial agreement with the editorial house of "Caras" to get space in the media in exchange for telling Senna's life in a book and various interviews. The Senna family was aware of that and that's why she never was liked by Ayrton's family.

Adriane Galisteu, last Ayrton Senna's girlfriend, smiling happy only 5 months after his death, selling her book where she tells all the details of Senna's private life during 1993 and 1994

She sold also many details of Senna's life in several press interviews, all over the world, and finally, the year after, in 1995, she posed for Playboy Brazil, as Senna's last girlfriend, asking 200.000 US $ in exchange, to buy herself a luxury appartment and a BMW car. 

Adriane Galisteu posing for the pornography magazine Playboy, in 1995, using the name of Senna

Adriane Galisteu was paid by the magazine Caras to go to the Tamburello corner, at the Imola circuit, and pose for promotional pictures for her book about Senna''s private life in 1993 and 1994

She later changed her version and told that she did that to save her brother, sick with AIDS, but there is proof in a Brazilian magazine that she told she wasn't thinking about her brother when she did the photos for Playboy, but she wanted the money to buy an appartment. 

In an interview for the magazine Caras (which whom she had a commercial agreement to tell stories about Senna's life, in exclusive), Adriane Galisteu admits that she wants the money from the magazine Playboy to buy herself an appartment

The appartment she bought was a in the most luxurious part of Sao Paulo, in Jardims, and mesured 300 square metres. She sold the exclusive of her appartment also to the Caras magazine, which whom she had signed the previous year a commercial agreement: in exchange for exploiting Senna's private life for the press.

She got famous enough to sign a contract to be on television, her big childhood dream. Currently she is unemployed and has a bad reputation in Brazil because of her problematic personality. 


  1. If a man loves a woman's soul, he will end loving one woman, but if he just love's a woman body or face, all the woman in the world won't satisfy him.

    And that what Adriane Galisteu was - just a pretty face and available body at a price. Nothing too demanding just fun with no strings attached.

    1. He loved his wife, me, who ran to 5 embassies that despicable weekend. Don't believe the Bs and ridiculous PR. It's all a con by those who capitalised from him. Those who took his and my hard earned money will rot in he'll for what they have done. The whole truth will cone out.

  2. This is absolutely not true. I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil and this is absolutely insane what i just read about Adriane Galisteu. That she used Senna for money, not true he was very into her dating her for almost 2 years and Xuxa was not even part of his life no more. He didnt want to get back with Xuxa he was fine and he was a smart man, Adriane was young he wasnt paying her to be with him, this is disgusting. her father passed away and she needed to help her mom, Senna decide to help and he was the one who was after her when they met no one suggested, Senna was not stupid!!!!! he was a smart men. I will defintely have adriane take a look at your comment and get this into a legal matter for defamation and use of her image on here, may she will get more money right? unbelievable, get a life people!

    1. Totally agree, what a bunch of nasty lies in this article...

  3. What a bunch of lies. Adriane was the only person who made Senna happy from 1993 to his death, and he was in bad relationship with his family who wanted him to marry Xuxa, to leave Adriane, and they were doing their best to manipulate him and interfere in his private life. He had a big fight with his brother about it, just 1 day before his fatal accident. Many people near him admitted Senna was a much happier person since he started dating Adriane. He managed to get past all disappointment and loneliness, and have a much needed peace of mind, despite bad results in most of 1993. All of that crap against Adriane was made up by his family and Xuxa herself.

  4. Adriane is a Whore. How can anyone say she loved him when she couldn't wait to exploit a dead man with that book for money. Xuxa has class. Adriane couldn't get money off the Senna name to profit herself quick enough! Ayrton would be rolling in his grave. He was a very private person. People that are fans of Adriane are very blind indeed.

    1. Perhaps she was badly treated by Ayrtons siblings and this was the only way she could fight back and clear her name. In hindsight I took the high ground and perhaps after 2 decades should have followed his girlfriends lead. If you treat people inhumanely that they will cone back at you. Senna even cancelled Ayrtons credit card so Adriane struggled to get to the farcical funeral. I, his widow, would treated Adriane better.

  5. total bs ..this article writer is a joke,,,also never proven that the steering column broke...actually its probably not the reason of the crash

  6. I don t understand why people start judging Galisteu, for this and that. People forgot that Xuxa meneghel started her career near Pele, who double her age, and she stayed with him for 6 years, until she did not need him any more.Shame of Ayrton's family that gave Galisteu their back and the moment Ayrton died.

    1. Agree. They showed their true colours that day.cold and calculating. DISPICABLE.

  7. I don t understand why people start judging Galisteu, for this and that. People forgot that Xuxa meneghel started her career near Pele, who double her age, and she stayed with him for 6 years, until she did not need him any more.Shame of Ayrton's family that gave Galisteu their back and the moment Ayrton died.

    1. I agree. As Vivian and Leonardo are so enamoured with Xuxa then why don't one if them marry her? My bets are on Barren Vivian. Oh did u just give a secret away. Yes she is not the real mother. The big question is exactly what did she did to the real mother?????? Precisely how did the Senna family treat Ayrtons
      young bride and mother to his children???? With kindness??? No way

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