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Defamation campaign against Ayrton Senna and his family in Internet led by three Brazilian people

Adriane Galisteu, a Brazilian model, revealed that Ayrton Senna paid her to accompany him 24 hours a day in 1993 and 1994
At the end of the year 2011, three Brazilian people, fans of brazilian model and TV presenter, Adriane Galisteu, started a defamation campaign on the Internet, aimed to attack the family of Ayrton Senna. The names of these three people are Henrique Carlos Nunes, his wife Wania Dias Nunes and a young guy named Cleber Deon. These people run a fanpage on Facebook named Senna Vive and a blog named and are responsible for some very serious defamations against the family Senna. They have committed so far crimes that go against the Brazilian law as defamation, prejudice to a registered trademark, libel,  threats and insults, who are currently under investigation, after having been reported to the Instituto Ayrton Senna.

They seem especially obsessed with Viviane Senna and apparently they are  jealous of all the money the Senna family has.

Cleber Deon, spreads libellous fake stories on the Internet about Ayrton Senna and the Senna family

The family of Ayrton Senna have always been very rich, his father, Milton da Silva being a successful businessman who started to create his wealth within the automotive sector. Later on, he started owning lands and working in agriculture.

The sister of Ayrton Senna, Viviane Senna, to whom Ayrton was very attached, presides now the Instituto Ayrton Senna in Brazil, a charity organization whose aim is to help underprivileged children all over Brazil. It was a dream of Ayrton Senna, which he shared with his sister at the very end of his life, about 2 months before dying. After his untimely death in Imola, San Marino, Italy, in a horrible car crash while he was leading the race driving the Williams FW16B, the family of Ayrton Senna had to give continuity to his legacy through one of his most cherish projects: helping poor children in Brazil, a country particularly affected by the poverty and the crime.

These three people, Henrique Carlos Nunes, his wife Wania Dias Nunes and a third guy named Cleber Deon, have become obsessed with Adriane Galisteu in 2011, as it is proven by their Twitter accounts, where they contact Galisteu, and have since then orchestrated a campaign of public defamation against the family of Ayrton Senna, and Senna himself. The reason? The Senna family didn't allow Adriane Galisteu to take the spotlight at Ayrton Senna's funeral. In good reason, because Adriane Galisteu had talked to the press already and agreed with them to sell several interviews about her, talking about Senna, and so she needed to be in pictures of Senna's funeral. The Senna family anticipating these actions of a woman, who they never liked, because they considered she was using their son for the money, didn't want to  her to take profit of that situation and didn't allow her to be in full spotlight at the funeral. Knowing that Adriane Galisteu didn't respect the memory of the dead man and sold Senna's private life in a books and dozens of press interviews only few weeks after his death, the family's attitude is more than understandable, even to say it was the only possible attitude to take.

Already previously the Senna family considered Adriane as being a gold-digger in serach for the money of their beloved son and admired national idol, Ayrton Senna. Adriane Galisteu, an unknown model from Sao Paulo, had been chosen by one of the friends of Senna, banker Antonio Carlos de Almeida Braga - Braguinha, at the Grand Prix of Brazil 1993.

Banker Antonio Carlos de Almeida - Braguinha, a friend of Ayrton Senna, who picked Adriane Galisteu
Senna was going through a very hard time in 1993, both in his professional life and his personal life, as his love relationship with Xuxa, a Brazilian TV show woman,  the love of his life, was impossible at that moment due to their very busy professional careers, and he needed company 24 hours a day. He needed, as he would say later "to separate his professional from his private life" in 1993. He had wanted to drive for the Williams team that year, but the veto imposed by Alain Prost to him that year, had made it impossible. Senna was suffering. He needed a stable private sexual life, as sex for him "helped him relax before races" but he didn't want to have the crazy and unstable life that he had already had the previous year, 1992, another very hard year for him. And there comes Adriane Galisteu, a young woman, still with no personal life or career, since she wasn't very successful as a model (according to her own book about Senna, written in 1994, she didn't have many deals when she met Senna) without an important career, ready to give up to her (few) professional commitments in exchange for the money that Senna paid her to accompany him 24 hours a day, everywhere. She ended up being his assistant (doing the shopping for him and his brother in Sao Paulo, according to her book), his masseuse, his nurse when he was sick... In exchange, he treated her with some distance, refused to name her in public interviews in the press or on TV, almost forgot about her birthday in 1994 and declared to the press, shortly before dying in 1994, that he wasn't going to marry Galisteu and that he hadn't found yet the right woman for him. He also asked Cristine Ferraciu, an ex.girlfriend, to be back together, as he still missed her and considered her the right woman to marry.

These three people, led by the hatred they feel against the family of Ayrton Senna, who only defended their son from the greed of Adriane Galisteu, have set up several YouTube channels, a Facebook page and a blog, where they regularly insult the Senna family, defame them and make up fake stories about Senna and Galisteu, going so far to modifiy copyrighted pictures of the magazine Caras from Brazil, where in April 1994, Ayrton Senna stated that he wasn't thinking about marrying Adriane Galisteu, because she was not the right woman for him. These three people are associated to other people named Linda Danton, Bev Wright, who create fake identities in social media to spread lies. 

The truth is that there was no marriage whatsoever planned by Senna with Galisteu: on the contrary, he was not happy with her at the end of his life and he planned to break up with her, being that the interview he gave to the brazilian magazine, Caras, a gossip magazine, was the first step he would take in order to break up with her. He had been embarassed a couple of months before by some almost nude pictures of Adriane for the same magazine, Caras, and didn't like what he saw in her. Josef Leberer, his best friend in the Formula 1 circuits, as it is stated in all biographies of Senna, had said after his death "'It is not for me to say,' said Leberer, 'but there were reservations of Ayrton over Adriane, yes.' 

These people have created almost 100 different fake profiles on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, like Bianca Sodi (which is the name that shows most often in the retweets of the Twitter profile of Adriane Galisteu - maybe these people are even working for her, are paid by her -) and have made up fake stories such as Ayrton had given an engagement ring to Adriane Galisteu only 3 weeks after meeting her in 1993 (false), that he had asked her to have children (false, Galisteu herself denied that in 1994, even after Senna died), that Ayrton Senna was going to marry Adriane Galisteu (false, Senna gave an interview just a month before dying to the Brazilian edition of Caras to state exactly the opposite: he didn't want to marry Adriane, he didn't mention her a single time and said he hadn't found yet the right woman for him), that Ayrton Senna died without a last will (false, he updated his will regularly, several times a year, since he knew his profession was dangerous) because obviously, Senna didn't leave any money to Adriane Galisteu, which shows his true feelings.

Also these Brazilian people try to imply that the Instituto Ayrton Senna, a charity organization  who has helped 11 millions children in Brazil so far, is a scam, and that Viviane Senna is stealing money from the donations. 


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  1. If you check all these people are linked to Adriane Galisteu's fan club facebook.

    1. You're right, they run the Facebook page dedicated to Adriane Galisteu. It's a shame for her, not only she used Senna once after his death, but her fans continue to spread shit around Internet. I guess everyone has the fans the he/she deserves... LOL

  2. olá, amei seu blog, sou muito fã do Ayrton, detesto essa galisteu por que sei o que ela é de verdade, ela é muito mentirosa, o livro que ela escreveu em 1994 demente muitas entrevistas que ela dá hoje, por exemplo: ela diz que o Ayrton foi a casa dela e a pediu em namoro oficialmente para a mãe dela, só que no livro ela diz que a mãe dela nem conhecia pessoalmente o ayrton, e mais ela se faz de vítima aceitando a versão que fãs dela espalharam de que foi expulsa do velório ou do enterro, sendo que várias fotos mostram adriane com um boton com a letra F de família o que lhe dava acesso irrestrito ao velório, e no livro conta que no enterro não ficou no carro da família por que uma amiga lhe puxou para ir com ela e outros amigos no ônibus, e ela diz que a família Senna bloqueou uma conta conjunta que ela tinha com ele mas no próprio livro dela ela diz que a conta era dele e ele deu apenas um cartão de crédito pra ela usar... e mais gostaria que você postasse aqui a lendária entrevista que ela deu a revista veja em setembro de 1999 lá dá pra perceber bem que tipo de mulher é adriane galisteu!

    1. Muito obrigado pelas suas palavras, você está certo, Ayrton nunca disse, nem em privado, nem em público qualquer coisa em querer se casar com aquela mulher, Galisteu, mas em sua última entrevista para a revista Caras, em abril de 1994, ele disse que ele não ia se casar com ela, que Galisteu não era a mulher certa para ele, mas Galisteu desvirtuou a história depois de sua morte, porque ela precisava para obter a atenção da mídia e vender o seu livro sobre a vida de Senna. Mas todo mundo sabe que no Brasil a história sobre o casamento deles não é verdade. Senna tratou Galisteu como sua assistente pessoal, ao invés de uma namorada ...


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