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Jo Ramirez surprisingly proves that he isn't a reliable source when it comes to Ayrton Senna's life

Jo Ramirez surprisingly proves that he isn't a reliable source when talking about Ayrton Senna's life

It's surprising that Jo Ramirez, McLaren logistics manager, and who was not so much Senna's friend, as a team coworker at McLaren, knows so little about Ayrton Senna's life, or confuses significant facts. Some say he was one of Senna's friends, but even like that, Ramirez made many mistakes in a interview for the Mexican press in 2010, which makes us wonder how much did he actually know about Senna...

In an interview recorded in 2010, shortly before the launch of the movie "Senna" by Asif Kapadia, Ramirez makes some very gross mistakes when he talks about Senna's life, events that were fully known by all fans of Senna and of Formula 1. 

Jo Ramirez, McLaren logistics manager and who worked with Ayrton Senna for several years, surprises his fans when he makes some big mistakes about Senna's life, on facts widely known by almost any fan of the big Brazil's idol

Jo Ramirez, a McLaren employee and one of the people who used to arrange logistics for Ayrton Senna at McLaren, ignores significant facts about the Brazilian idol when he speaks to the press
Ramirez said, for example, that Senna ate with Prost the day before he died, which is not true: Senna didn't eat with Prost, but he just went to where Prost was seating in the Renault motorbox to stay in silence next to him for a few moments, which was very surprising and mysterious for Prost. And it wasn't the day before Senna died, but the same day, on Sunday. 

Contrary to what Jo Ramirez says, observers, televisions and journalists have said Ayrton sat with Alain Prost on the very day of his death, and not on the day before. Besided, Ramirez says Senna ate with Prost, which is untrue
He also makes more mistakes when he talks about Senna's life, as to say that Senna didn't care about Prost, that it was Prost who was obsessed with him: completely false. Senna's objective was Prost all the the way, and everybody around him (people who knew him much better than Ramirez, who was a simple logistics employee at McLaren). Even before Senna arrived in McLaren, he wanted to beat Prost at all costs. on the other hand, Prost didn't care much Senna, as all biographies say, since Prost didn't appreciate Senna as a person, nor as a driver. They were oil and water. 

Ayrton Senna always had wanted to beat Alain Prost, he was his reference in Formula 1 and his main motivation. 
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