Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Senna family defamed and Ayrton Senna's history distorted by three Brazilian people

Three Brazilian people, whose names are Cleber Deon, Henrique Carlos Nunes and Wania Dias Nunes run a campaign of defamation against the Senna family since 2011, using social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Dailymotion, Picassa, etc... to spread lies about Adriane Galisteu and Ayrton Senna. These three people are fans of Adriane Galisteu and run also a fanpage on Facebook dedicated to her. Cleber Deon, Henrique Carlos Nunes and Wania Dias Nunes collaborate to write lies about Ayrton Senna's life and distort and modify his words and facts. They want to make people all around the world believe in a false story of love of Ayrton Senna and Adriane Galisteu, a woman who is better known in Brazil for making fortune un Brazil after Ayrton Senna's death by selling to the press his private life during the time they lived together.

Cleber Deon (www.facebook.com/cleberdeon), 29 years old, lives in Videira, Brazil, and started a blog and a fanpage on Facebook where he defames the family Senna and threat other Senna fans

Henrique Carlos Nunes (www.facebook.com/henryynunes), 54 years old, expelled from his previous job as a Policeman for abuses and  tortures, from Cuaragatatuba, works at Videoshopping Locadora (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Video-Shopping-Locadora/233703656721451), and is married to Wania Dias Nunes, both defame Ayrton Senna since 2011

Wania Dias Nunes (www.facebook.com/wania.camargodiasnunes), wife of Henrique Carlos Nunes, has a past as a prostitute, lives in Cuaragatatuba, Brazil, defames Ayrton Senna since 2011
Cleber Deon, Henrique Carlos Nunes and Wania Dias Nunes don't hesitate, with this objective in mind, to manipulate texts from books, words of Ayrton Senna himself, to manipulate pictures, to insult and defame the Instituto Ayrton Senna, Viviane Senna, Leonardo Senna, Bruno Senna, Milton da Silva and the rest of people of Ayrton Senna's life, and to behave in a criminal way, which could also be a sign of their probable criminal past.

These people usually threat, insult and attack Ayrton Senna's fans on Facebook, manipulating pictures of children of Senna's fans, with porn pictures.

They use two pages to defame, attack and insult Ayrton Senna,

More people got associated to these three Brazilian people, in an effort to rewrite the Ayrton Senna's story, and fill Internet with lies and manipulated versions of the truth. Their main objective is to insult Viviane Senna and his father, Milton da Silva, because they didn't like Adriane Galisteu, and to make believe in a false story of love between Ayrton Senna and the model Adriane Galisteu. The truth is that, even if Ayrton spent officially 13 months of his life with this woman, it wasn't for getting married to her, as Adriane Galisteu said after he was dead (of course, Ayrton was no longer there to refute that). The truth is that Ayrton Senna paid Adriane to stay with him 24 hours a day, because the 1993 season was a very difficult one for him, and he realized finally that he couldn't be with the love of his life Xuxa, because she couldn't give up her job in the Brazilian TV to be with him in his terms, that is, accompany him 24/7. So he found this girl, an events model from Sao Paulo, not very successuful before she met her, and offered her a deal, consisting in paying her a monthly amount of money in exchange for her not working anymore so that she could accompany him everywhere in the world, in the F1 circuits.

The amount of money Ayrton Sena paid Adriane Galisteu to be with him was not disclosed, but according toAdriane was "small", which made her desperately want to make more money, by using Senna's image. So she posed for a photo reportage and interview for the Brazilian magazine Caras in February 1994, 2 months before Ayrton died in his accident in San Marino, Imola, by crashing into a concrete wall. In that interview, she posed in some quite incovenient pictures, open legs, almost Playboyish pictures, which deeply embarassed Ayrton when he saw them released only a few days before the Brazilian GP of that year, his big debut with his new long-dreamed team, Williams.

Source: Facebook, Twitter

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  1. é isso mesmo sou brasileira e fã de Ayrton, muitas vezes chorei quado leio o que dizem sobre a família dele por que sei como ele se sentiria vendo isso, e tem a história da gravação da conversa pelo telefone, que a Adriane fez com o ex namorado dela, e Leonardo Senna mostrou pro irmão, mas o Ayrton era uma pessoa tão boa que já pensava em terminar e iria deixá-la amparada financeiramente, quando disse para adriane no telefone: "vou te mostrar que sou de longe o melhor homem que já conheceu", e ele já demonstrava isso nas fotos que mandou publicar na revista caras que não condiziam nada com a entrevista (que mais parecia um recado para Xuxa) ele só mandou publicar as fotos por que queria devolvê-la ao mercado publicitário..


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