Sunday, October 13, 2013

How Ayrton Senna "stole" Gerhard Berger's engineer

Ron Dennis - Senna - his engineer Giorgio Ascanelli

Not that everything was always smooth between Senna and Berger. Gerhard Berger soon realised that his team-mate would use any method possible to maintain his advantage and would be completely ruthless in achieving his ambitions. He learnt this to his cost when he brought his Ferrari race engineer, Giorgio Ascanelli, with him to McLaren.

Ascanelli is regarded as a brilliant engineer, a technical genius who can grasp and solve a problem before the driver has even had time to step out of his car. Berger agrees:

Giorgio was my race engineer at Ferrari and he was the best. But I underestimated his importance – all I had to do was say three words to him when I came back to the pits and he would know exactly what I needed to go quicker. When I went to McLaren it all became more difficult – they didn’t understand as well, so I knew I had to get Giorgio to switch teams too. I finally managed to persuade him to move to McLaren and then Ron Dennis told me he was going to be working with Ayrton.

“That just summed up Ayrton. He realised that I was about to gain an advantage and corrected it before it had a chance to happen. It was my fault – I simply didn’t fight hard enough. Giorgio and Ayrton started working together and although they had a few problems initially, they soon became an unbeatable combination.”

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