Monday, September 30, 2013

Ayrton Senna: the greatest racing driver ever

He never wanted that role, but, history always writes itself and so Ayrton Senna is widely accepted as the greatest racing driver ever. He danced his F1 cars around the track with an unmatched intensity, often ending races with muscle spasms, dehydrated and totally.worn out. He bled racing, and tragically, the sport responded in kind. But even today, almost twenty years after his death, watching him drive carries the same level of excitement as seeing a great artist painting a canvas or a musical virtuoso play his instrument. 

There is a shift from mastery into total control. He never hesitated, never slowed his progression: it was not a competition against other racers, it was his competition for the perfection. He never shied from controversy and his vibrant personality was often misunderstood, but the Brazilian racer was a purist and he never lost his innocent love of the sport. 

Brazil memorialized his death with three days of national mourning and his sister established a foundation, which has donated over $400 million to children in need. Ayrton Senna is best remembered in this way: he was more than a driver, he was iconic of the best of Brazil, the best of mankind...

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