Friday, September 27, 2013

Ayrton Senna at his private family farm Fazenda Dois Lagos, in Tatui - Brazil

The Tatui farm, in Brazil, a Fazenda Dois Lagos, the family farm that Ayrton Senna made build between 1990 and 1993
Ayrton Senna fishing, one of his favorite hobbies, at the Tatui farm, in Brazil

Ayrton Senna and his nephew, Bruno Senna, at the family farm  in Tatui, Brazil. Go-kart circuit.

Ayrton Senna in the swimming pool of the family farm, in Tatui, Brazil, 1994

Ayrton Senna at the family farm in Tatui, Brazil. Practicing one of his hobbies, aeromodelling
His career was certainly becoming very rewarding and he bought his second home in Brazil, which he intended to be a family ranch. The property would take three-and-a-half years to complete the plans he had for it – to make lakes and go-kart tracks and turn it into a rural playground. Rather than his own home, he intended this to be a family home which they could all share. The 200-hectare cattle ranch was called Fazenda Dois Lagos, at Tatui, some 120 kilometres outside São Paulo. It was a paradise where he would recuperate rather than go to for pleasure, like the beach house at Angra dos Reis

As well as a home it would remain a proper working farm, with 50 pigs and 50 cattle, and fields full of vegetables growing. When it was complete, he would be able to enjoy go-kart races with his nephews on the private circuit, tennis and long sleeps in the 10 bedrooms that would all be rearranged to have views of the lake and access to the central jacuzzi he planned. The renovations he planned were budgeted to cost $3.16 million. 

Behind the purchase of the farm was his unfulfilled dream of settling down with the wife of his choice and starting a family. Over the years he constantly spoke to journalists about his quest for the perfect woman, and how he had never found her. He said: “When one makes a non-stop trip around the world for professional reasons, it is absolutely necessary to be able to return to one’s roots, stay in touch and avoid losing oneself."

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