Sunday, March 23, 2014

The eternal dispute between fans of Ayrton Senna and Nelson Piquet

Ayrton Senna and Nelson Piquet . The eternal dispute between ' sennistas ' and ' piquetistas ' on a dispute that has not occurred. There will be 20 years since the death of Ayrton Senna and 27 years since Nelson Piquet won his third world championship. But talking about one in a conversation, opens as a door for someone just to say the name of the other. Exactly the same thing happened when Senna began to emerge. There is an eternal comparison. Natural when great champions are put side by side . That goes for football , when asked Pele or Garrincha , or basketball with Jordan and Magic Johnson . So far, ok .

But under the names of Piquet and Senna more than that: an insane war between their fans . Today is actually the minority who have them both like idols . It seems to be something in life to have to choose between being " sennista " or " piquetista " . It makes little sense , but is explained . First, it is fine to say, Senna and Piquet never really dueled on the tracks. They are from different generations . They crossed at the beginning and at the end of another's career. There were no accidents or any disagreement between them due to competition. Perhaps this explains why an understanding in a debate cannot be reached when people discuss the talent of each one of them. 

They weren't competitors. They were, on the other hand, enemies. 

Six years after the apex of the bad atmosphere between them , Senna died . Piquet did not go to the funeral. This could've been interpretated as disrespectful , but Piquet stated that he did not go because it would be "demagoguery". He said he was not a friend and that he would not do like Prost , who was at the funeral even though blasting Senna so many times in the past . Fact is that his absence fueled discussions about the hatred between the two .

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  1. Senna and Piquet duelled a lot on the track (Piquet usually won). Check your facts: Piquet finished his career 1992 and Senna died 1994. Senna appeared to F1 1984 (Piquet 1978) so they had plenty of years to duel.
    Piquet hadn`t problem with Senna but he hated the PR machine around Senna and the idolizing him even during his lifetime.


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